3 Steps To Take Immediately For Successful Spring Pest Control Results

Are you tired of your home being invaded by various spiders and insects as soon as the weather turns warm? Do you want to get a head start on keeping them out of your home for good this year? While you may never be able to prevent 100% of pests from getting into your home in the first place, you can at least keep them from settling down and producing babies, thus heading off a full-blown infestation. In order to be successful, here are some things that you should be doing right now:

Fix plumbing: Very minor plumbing leaks can cause serious issues with pests. An exterior faucet that has a slow drip might not seem all that important to you because it's minor enough to not show up on your water bill. To a rat, a mouse, or even various insects, however, this leaky faucet is an oasis. Access to even minor amounts of water can be a boon to any pests that are trying to establish a foothold on your property. The sooner you can have these minor leaks repaired, the easier it will be for the pest control professional to do his or her job.

Check your weatherstripping: While very small pests may still be able to enter through open doors and windows, having weatherstripping that is in good condition is going be one of the best ways to keep them out. Over time, weatherstripping will get brittle and start to decay. This will leave gaps that will not only allow for the exchange of air between your home and the outside world but will allow various insects to enter as well. Not only will fixing your weatherstripping help with your pest control efforts but you should also see lower utility bills now that these holes have been plugged.

Get a professional: Proper pest control methods start with the help of a professional. He or she will go over the types of pests that are most likely to enter your home and will work with you to choose the best prevention methods. For instance, spraying for spiders may not do anything at all if your usual problem is roaches. Rodents are, perhaps obviously, not going to be thwarted by mere insecticide sprays, and rodent traps will definitely not help if your usual issue is ants. A pest control professional will also be aware of whether or not local populations of pests tend to be resistant to various products and will have access to alternatives if needed. Contact a pest control services provider near you today to learn more.

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