How To Get Rid Of Bees: What You Need To Know

There are a number of different type of bees in the world. From the tiny sweat bee to the large carpenter bee and the number of different bee species in between, these bees serve a purpose. Although bees pollinate and help give us those beautiful flowers and other blooms in the spring and summer, some bees will sting and can be dangerous if you are allergic. To help get rid of bees, there are things you should know. Read on for tips and information about getting rid of bees.

Find The Nest

Follow the bees to see where the nest may be located. Some bees may be in the siding or exterior walls of your home. They may be in a nest in a nearby tree or exterior structure of your home. Follow the bees carefully and find the nest. Cover your body and use protective clothing to protect yourself against being stung. If you can see where they are going, don't do anything until night when the bees are not as active.

Spray Them At Night

Spray for the bees at night when the bees aren't as active to protect yourself against being stung. Spray the bees at a safe distance away from the nest using a pesticide and spray to kill the bees. You can also use smoke to put the bees to sleep rather than killing the bees so you can remove the nest and relocate it. If you don't feel comfortable doing either of these things, you can hire a professional to remove the bees and the nest for you. They may be able to relocate the bees and take them somewhere where they can thrive.

Remove The Nest

After you've killed the bees you can remove the nest. Be sure to wear protective clothing to prevent getting stung when doing this as there may still be bees alive inside the nest. Remove the entire nest and burn it. Again, if you aren't comfortable removing the bees or the nest, hire a professional pest control specialist that can handle bees to do this work for you.

Bees do serve a purpose in our ecosystem, but they can also pose a danger to you or your family members if you or others are allergic. Hire professional bee control services, such as Agricultural Pest Control Services, to help you get rid of the bees and the nest and have them relocated to keep you and your family safe.

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