Is Your Kitchen Turning Into An Antland? Confuse And Redirect These Pests

Black ants have keen odor receptors that they use when foraging for food, warmth, and shelter. A pheromone trail is then used to signal other ants. This often results in many ants filing into a specific area. An ant nest can be hidden inside of damaged or rotten wood, or underneath damp materials. If you have witnessed a multitude of ants congregating on your counters, clean and make repairs, and throw the ants' scent receptors off.

Observe The Behavior

It may creep you out or even anger you to watch as the black ants go about their business in your home, but observing the pests will help you determine the port of entry that the ants are using for their nesting spot. Look for a line of ants that is heading in a particular direction, such as up a wall or along a floor.

If you see that there is a crevice or crack running along either surface and if you spilled some sugar or a liquid ingredient that has a distinct scent, chances are these two variables have resulted in the ant problem.

Complete Upgrades

If damage in your home could be contributing to the sudden onslaught of black ants, some upgrades will need to be performed to provide your home with walls or flooring that are impenetrable. Wood putty or an epoxy adhesive can be used to seal cracks. If moisture around your plumbing or along the flooring in the kitchen are apparent, take measures to dry the surfaces in entirety.

This is something that you will need to do on a routine basis as well. If you often wash dishes quickly or tend to spill items when preparing meals, curb these behaviors to the best of your ability and carefully clean your kitchen at the end of each meal. Always finish each cleaning session by using a thick towel to wipe off damp surfaces. 

Use A Disinfectant And Heavily Scented Products

A disinfectant will combat germs that are on surfaces, and heavily scented cleaning agents, including gel, powder, or spray formulas, will remove food scents that have previously attracted the ants.

The fresh scents that you use in your kitchen will act as a barrier that most pests won't be interested in trying to get through. Remove dinnerware, cutlery, decorative items and furnishings from the kitchen before disinfecting and wiping off surfaces that ants previously came into contact with.

For professional help, contact local ant pest control services.

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