Avoid A Bed Bug Problem With These 5 Tips

The best way for you to prevent a bed bug infestation in your home is to make sure you don't let them into your home to begin with. However, the problem with this is bed bugs are so small and hard to see that you can even carry them right into your home yourself, and not have any idea that you are doing it. This is why it's best to learn different things you should make a habit of doing that help to decrease the chances of you bringing these horrible tiny pests into your home by accident. Here are five things you want to do to prevent a bed bug infestation in your home:

1: Watch those used yard-sale items – One way people unknowingly bring bed bugs right into their home is by bringing fabric items from a yard sale directly into their home without checking them carefully first. You always want to check them inside and out to make sure you aren't inviting bed bugs in with the items.

2: Be careful with thrift store finds – You may think that you are getting a fantastic deal at a thrift store, but you want to be just as careful when you bring these items into your home as you would when bringing items from a yard sale into your home.

3: Don't assume a hotel room is free of bed bugs – When you stay at a hotel, always go through it looking for these little bugs before you decide to get comfortable in it. If you find bed bugs in the room, you want to get out of there quickly, before any of them get on your clothing or into any of your luggage, where they can make the trip back home with you.

4: Be careful who you invite to stay over – If you are thinking of inviting someone to come stay the night at your home and you notice they appear to have bites on them, you may want to politely reschedule and rethink following through with that visit until you see they no longer have bites. Or, you can ask them about the bites, if you feel comfortable doing so. Your guest may end up bringing little uninvited guests of their own with them.

5: Have questionable pests looked at by a professional – If you find a tiny pest in your home that you feel may be a bed bug, but you aren't sure then you should have it looked at by a bed bug exterminator. They can confirm that it is indeed a bed bug and if it is, then you are going to want to schedule an appointment for them to come out to your home and take care of the problem you apparently have for you.

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