Take A Closer Look In These Areas To Check For Signs Of Pest Problems

As a homeowner, it's easy to assume that you don't have any problems with household pests because you don't see them scurrying around your living quarters. However, just because you don't see such pests in your day-to-day activities doesn't mean that there isn't potentially an infestation in your home. It's worthwhile to make a point of carefully checking several areas around your home on a regular basis. While you might be a bit leery about doing so, your vigilance can reveal signs of a pest problem, which can then prompt you to call a pest control service and have the issue dealt with. Here are some areas to check for signs of pest problems.


No obvious signs of pest problems in the main areas of your basement doesn't necessarily indicate that there's not a problem. If you're serious about inspecting for pests, look in the areas that aren't commonly visited by you and your family members. For example, look to the rear of a storage area or in a utility room where you keep food. If you pull away a shelving unit that holds food, you might see signs of mice problems, such as bags of pasta that have been chewed open. These issues might not be visible unless you do some real digging.


Your garage can also be home to numerous pests that you might not notice when you visit this space quickly. Take the time to check behind shelves and around the door itself. Look for mouse droppings and check the rubber trim on the bottom of the garage door; in some cases, it will appear chewed, which suggests that mice have entered the space. If you keep sunflower seed birdseed in the garage, look for empty shells strewn about — this suggests that mice or squirrels have been eating the seed. 


If you seldom visit your attic, it's worth grabbing a flashlight and ascending into this space. You don't necessarily need to climb into the attic fully; just opening the attic door and shining the light around can often indicate whether you have a pest problem. For example, you could see signs of birds, such as nest in the rafters. This can occur when one of your attic vents gets broken and allows birds to enter. Likewise, you could see a bee or wasp nest in the space. If you see any clues that pests are present, it's time to call a pest control service such as IPM - Intelligent Pest Management for help.

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