Controlling Pests With Landscaping Methods

A good landscaper can add value to your property by giving it real curb appeal. But the aesthetic aspect of landscaping is only part of what they can do for you. The right landscaping can help control certain pests that plague you in the yard and indoors. The next time you are upgrading your landscaping, ask about controlling your pests at the same time. 


Removing spots in your yard that collect water is one basic way to reduce the mosquito population. Leveling your yard or slightly angling it downward will improve drainage and encourage mosquitoes to go elsewhere. If you have a mosquito problem, you should also avoid having bird baths and other water fixtures in your yard. In addition to those steps, you can add plants to your yard that repel these annoying and often disease-ridden pests. Basil, citronella grass, common lantana, and fever tea are known to be avoided by mosquitoes. Ask your landscaper to put together a plan that incorporates these plants and others like them into your existing flowers and shrubs. 


Termites are one of the most destructive pests you can encounter. Although you cannot guarantee that your home will never be infested by termites, you can lower the risk by doing away with wood mulch. This type of mulch is a landscaping standard, but termites are drawn to it, particularly eucalyptus and pine. If you do not want to give up these landscaping aids, consider keeping the top of the mulch at least six inches below the top of the foundation. That concrete barrier will help prevent infestation. You can also have a twelve-inch sand barrier put up between any wood structure and wood mulch. Your home will be safer if you treat wood mulch as if it were termite food. You do not want to entice termites right into your home. Your landscaper should be able to recommend alternatives to the standard wood-based mulches. 

Your home and yard will be even more pleasant if you combine landscaping with pest control. Fighting these unwelcome guests does not mean relying on unattractive methods. A skilled landscaper, like one from McCloud's Pest & Lawn, can choose plants that will help repel mosquitoes and other nasty visitors. They can even reduce your chances of suffering a termite infestation, an event that can cause you endless stress and a great deal of money. Get together with your landscaper and work on a plan that will beautify your property and fight pests at the same time. 

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