Removing A Roach Problem From Your Home Using Natural Methods

If you noticed a few roaches crawling around inside of your home, you most likely want to take steps in removing them so they do not multiply in number. Roaches tend to come out of hiding during nighttime hours, making it possible that there are many more than the few you have recently seen. Here are some tips you can use to eradicate roaches already on the premises, as wells as some steps you can take to keep them from becoming a problem again in the future.

Remove Easy-To-Access Water Sources

If you remove any standing water spots inside your home and on your property, roaches will perish from lack of moisture. Take the time to repair any leaky faucets or dripping pipes so water does not accumulate inside of your home. Make sure your gutter system is properly diverting moisture away from your structure, as wet roofing materials or moist conditions due to foundation cracks will aid in keeping roaches hydrated. Remove gutter debris by hand and fill in foundation and exterior cracks with caulk if necessary.

Do A Thorough Cleaning Of Your Home

Roaches tend to stick around areas where debris is abundant. It is important to clean your home in its entirety to help in making conditions less pleasing for these insects. Wipe down all counters after meal preparation and make sure to cover any leftovers and store them inside your refrigerator, where they will be out of reach. Vacuum your floors each day to remove any crumbs that may have fallen on their surfaces. Make a mixture of equal parts vinegar and water to use as a natural cleaning agent. This will eliminate scents of food.

Remove Paper Items, As They Attract Roaches

Roaches, like termites, are attracted to items made of cellulose. If you have stacks of magazines or books in your home, they may be keeping roaches from wanting to leave. Places these items inside plastic storage tubs so they won't attract roaches. If you want to kill several roaches at one time, you can use paper goods to attract them to one area of your home. Bring the stack of materials to a burn barrel outdoors to kill any inhabitants after collecting them for a few days.

Use A Homemade Roach Killing Solution

If you prefer to kill roaches without the use of pesticides, you can try making a homemade roach-killing solution. Add a few teaspoons of liquid soap to a spray bottle filled with water and shake to mix well. Use this to spray any roaches you happen to see within your home. The soap will cover the area where roaches breathe, smothering them and killing them. This method will not kill roaches hiding in walls, however. A pest eradication service should be called in to handle a larger problem if you continuously see these insects inside of your home after trying the previous steps in their removal.

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