Keeping Mice Out Of Your Home Using Natural Methods

If you live in a wooded area, and you experienced a mouse or two getting into your home recently, you will most likely want to take the necessary steps in keeping them from getting inside again in the future. There are several steps one can take to make it more difficult and less enticing for mice to enter a home. Here are some tips you can try in an attempt to avoid any recurrent mouse sightings again in the future.

Take Time To Seal Cracks And Holes To Remove Entryways

It is extremely important to check over the exterior of your home for any potential entryways being used by rodents on the outside. Since mice can squeeze into small spaces, any crack or crevice found should be treated to form a barrier that can not be penetrated. Caulk will work well at sealing smaller voids. Stuff pieces of steel wool into larger holes and then adhere pieces of flashing or mesh over them. Use door sweeps on the bottoms of doors with large gaps underneath to fill in the area so mice can not slip underneath.

Remove Attractions To Make Mice Less Likely To Stay

Moving potential water and food supplies will make mice move on other areas. Inside, keep your home clean so there are no crumbs lying around that a mouse could feast upon. Do not keep open food containers in areas mice can access. 

If you normally feed a pet outdoors, make sure to take in their dishes when they finish their meal. Cover bird baths or watering fountains at night to minimize a water source for mice when they are likely to be scurrying around on your property. If you have a wood pile, old tires, building materials, or debris piled on your property, consider moving the item further away from your home. Mice will then be less likely to come close to your home during inclement weather when they are cold or wet.

Use Deterrents To Scare Mice From The Area

A home that makes a mouse feel unsafe is one they will likely vacate. Consider getting a cat to patrol the grounds to keep the mouse population low. Place a few plastic hawk or owl hunting decoys in tree branches near your home. These will scare away rodents as they will think there are predators nearby waiting to make them a meal.

Mice do not care for the scent of peppermint. Place a few peppermint plants in your home to give it a fresh scent while keeping mice from trying to get inside. Peppermint oil can also be applied to pieces of cloth and placed along perimeters of walls as these are areas mice use to navigate a home's interior. They will likely look for a way back outside in an attempt to get away from the fragrance.

For more information or assistance, contact an expert in mice extermination.

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