How to Make Sure the Bed Bugs Don't Come Back

It's a common experience among people whose homes become infested with bed bugs: they think they've treated the infestation effectively, but then the bed bugs come back with a vengeance. You have to be incredibly thorough when treating bed bugs the first time in order to prevent this from happening. Here are three tips to follow during your bed-bug eradication process to reduce the chances of the bugs returning.

Clean everything up off the floor.

Bed bugs don't just hide in beds. If you have piles of clothing or other soft items on your floor, the bugs may be hiding out in them. The clothing may serve as a shield, protecting some of the bugs from any pesticides you've applied to the room. So as a part of your bed-bug extermination process, be sure to pick all soft items up off the floor. Launder the items in hot water, and dry them in a hot dryer. The heat will kill any bed bugs they contain.

Cover your mattress in plastic.

Most pesticides and natural treatments are not as effective against bed-bug eggs as they are against adult bed bugs. If there is even one egg left viable on your mattress, the infestation will return. That is, unless you seal your mattress up in a plastic cover after you're treated it with the pesticides or natural treatments you prefer. Make sure the plastic cover seals completely (zip up styles are better than button or snap styles). This way, if there are still eggs in the mattress, and they hatch, the bed bugs will die because they're unable to escape from inside the plastic.

Treat inside your electrical sockets.

One of the most common places for bed bugs to hide is inside the holes surrounding the electrical sockets in your walls. You can treat these areas with diatomaceous earth quite easily. Diatomaceous earth, or DE, is made from the skeletons of tiny sea-dwelling creatures called diatoms. It feels soft and powdery to you, but on a microscopic levels, it is very "sharp" and digs into the exoskeletons of bed bugs, killing them. Put some DE in a squeeze bottle, like that which you'd use for ketchup. Remove the socket cover from your wall, and "puff" a little DE into it. Repeat this process for all sockets in the infested area.

If you're having trouble eradicating bed bugs on your own, contact an exterminator such as Godfather's Exterminating, Inc. They can use either pesticides or heat treatments to get rid of these nasty bugs once and for all.

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