Why Your Self-Storage Facility May Be A Magnet For These Three Pests

Having pests in your storage facility can scare aware potential customers. As the manager or owner of a self-storage facility, you need to be aware of the common pets that are likely to attack your facility so you can keep them at bay. Here are three pests that you should be wary of:

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to deal get rid of. Although they prefer to nest close to human beings, they are tiny enough to stow away in your client's belongs without raising your suspicion. The risk of a bedbug infestation is even higher from clients who store bedding or furniture pieces since bedbugs thrive in those places.

Bed bugs can easily survive in a storage unit because:

  • They can go for several months without feeding on blood.
  • They can survive in a wide range of temperatures, from the fairly high to the very low ranges.
  • They are small enough to pass through the tiniest holes and crevices, which means they can spread easily.


Rodents are great stowaways, so a customer can easily carry them to the storage unit without knowing. The risk of this happening is even higher for items that were previously stored in a garage, outdoor shed or any room where they were seldom disturbed.

Rodents may be small, but they can cause great damage to your furniture, beddings, books and anything on which they can gnaw. Also, these animals reproduce very fast, and even a couple of them can fill your storage unit soon.


With their small sizes, these pests are also great stowaways, and you can also transport them unwittingly to your storage place. Some people believe that cockroaches only invaded dirty places, but that is just a myth. Dirty places are easily invaded by roaches, but they can also infest clean places. This means they can be transported to your facility even by "clean" customers.

Besides, roaches will eat anything as long as they can gnaw on it. Therefore, don't think you are off the hook if you have banned the storage of foodstuffs in your facility. Their greatest threat is their ability to spread dangerous pathogens. What is more, these animals can go a week without eating, which increases the time within which they can continue spreading diseases.  

Encourage your customers to clean and disinfect their items before storage, especially if they suspect pest infestation at home. Also, carry out periodic fumigation to eliminate any pests that might infest the facility. For more information, contact companies like Frontier Exterminating Company. 

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