Why Are Crazy Ants Shorting Out Your Computer?

There are millions of ant species in the world, but one that is making a major impact is the crazy ant. This well-named species likes to invade electrical items (like your computer) and have a bad habit of shorting them out. Why is this happening and what can you do to stop it?

Identifying The Crazy Ant

The crazy ant is known by many names – the crazy ant, the tawny crazy ant, the raspberry crazy ant, and the hairy crazy ant among others – and is very invasive in a wide variety of areas. They are known to drive out native ant populations, including red ants and even fire ants. They are reddish-brown in color, behave very erratically, are about an eighth of an inch in length, and covered in coarse hairs.

They are also among the ant species most commonly associated with problems in electronics. This connection has been noted for years, as crazy ants have been known to short out computers by crawling inside of them. But what is the connection between these two and why are they so attracted to computers?

The Connection Between Crazy Ants And Computers

There are a variety of theories that help explain the crazy ant's attraction to computers. One explanation is that they are simply looking for a place to nest. Crazy ants are one of the rare ant species that don't actually create their own nests, so they have to find them in secretive areas, such as that provided by the inside of a computer.

As crazy ants gather, many get electrocuted by the computer. Unfortunately, this causes a chemical release that draws other crazy ants to the area to defend them. As more and more crazy ants die, more of their brothers come to save them. Another theory states that the crazy ant may be able to detect these electrical fields and is drawn to them for unknown reasons.

Control Methods

The toughest part about treating crazy ants is that they are known to be erratic and to rarely follow known trails. If you want to protect your computer, the best thing to do is to place the tower in a cupboard at your computer desk and to carefully seal the hole for the cords with rags or other items. This limits their entry to a very specific area, which you can then manage by spraying it with a dust or pesticide.

Try to avoid ant baits, as crazy ants are so sporadic in their movement that it's hard to get them to eat it. You may need to call a professional, like one from Boris Pest Control, if the crazy ant infestation gets too large, due to their spread-out nature of their nests and the difficulty this creates in finding a centralized location to treat.

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