How To Eliminate Fleas From Your Pet, Home, And Property

If you own a cat or dog who has contracted fleas, you are most likely concerned about how you can eliminate them from your pet's body as well as from within your home and property. Removing fleas is a tedious task that often leads to frustration if it is not done properly. Failing to break the life cycle of the fleas will lead to repeat infestations in the future. Here are some steps you can take to eliminate these pesky parasites for good.

Treat Your Pet With Your Veterinarian's Help

The first step in eliminating fleas is to get your pet relief from the itching they are experiencing. Once your pet is flea free, you will not have a host available to keep the parasites from multiplying as easily. Bring your dog or cat to a veterinarian to have an evaluation done and to obtain medication to remove the fleas completely. The vet will check that your pet is not suffering from an allergic reaction from the fleas and will treat them appropriately if they are indeed displaying signs of a health problem.

The medication to eliminate fleas is usually topical in form and is applied between your pet's shoulder blades so they do not ingest it via licking their fur. It will kill fleas right away and will provide protection for several weeks before another application is needed.

Handle Flea Removal In The Home

Once your pet it treated, you can focus your effort on the removal of fleas from the home. Purchase a flea bombing agent to treat each room in the house. This pesticide will kill fleas and living larvae from your floors and furniture. It is important to remove the pet as well as people from the areas you are treating for several hours. When you return to the areas treated, it will be necessary to do a complete vacuuming of the floors and furniture to remove any carcasses and eggs. Place a flea collar in the vacuum cleaner bag or canister to help kill any fleas that were not killed during the bomb treatment.

Wash pet bedding in hot water and dry on a hot-air cycle. If you noticed fleas in your own bedding, you will need to do the same for these items. Intense infestations in the home may require a call to a pest control service as they have potent pesticides available to kill fleas effectively.

Treat Your Yard To Eliminate Future Problems

It is important to treat the outdoor area of your property to keep fleas from becoming a problem again in the future. Keep your lawn cut short so fleas are not as likely to attach to your pet or your legs as you walk through the area. Use a lawn treatment agent to kill fleas as well. It is best to check your ankles for fleas before going into your home so they can be removed outdoors.

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