Getting Ready to Move? Make Sure Fleas Do Not End Up Moving with You

Whether you are moving from an apartment, condo, single-family home, or a place that you rent or own, the most important thing is what you bring along to your new place of residence. Your furniture, clothes, electronics, and other personal belongings are a given, but the last thing you want to happen is for pests from your current home to join you on your journey to the new home. If you have a flea infestation, you must take care of the problem prior to moving to make sure the fleas do not come along. When you intend on hiring a professional moving company, you will want to have the issue fully resolved by the time they come over to start putting your belongings into boxes and disassembling furniture.

Steam-Clean the Carpets

An excellent first step to start eliminating the flea problem is to steam-clean the carpets. You might be able to find a machine that you can rent from a local grocery store, or you can buy one. Another option is to hire a professional who knows exactly how to handle flea infestations and where to focus their efforts. It is important not to rely on this method alone for getting rid of fleas, as they are pesky, resilient creatures. You may also want to include furniture-cleaning services that can destroy the critters that may be hiding in the cracks and crevices that you are not able to see or clean on your own with much success.

Treat All of Your Pets

It only makes sense to treat all of the pets in your household. One cat or dog may have been the source of the infestation and where you have found most of the fleas upon inspecting all of your pets, but you should not let hidden fleas or eggs get away by not treating every one of your pets. These treatments will prevent fleas from having a safe place to go when you start cleaning up the carpet and treating the home.

Use an Insect-Growth Regulator

The final nail in the coffin for the fleas in your home can be an insect-growth regulator. Introducing this to your home will prevent eggs from hatching and juvenile fleas from being able to grow up healthily. This step in combination with the other methods should be able to eradicate the whole population. The ideal method is to get steam-cleaning early on and then apply the regulator afterward. Since it will last a long time inside your home, you can feel confident about it being effective all the way up to your move-out date.

With movers coming in the near future to help you with your move, getting started with these steps early on will give you the results that you want to see in terms of eliminating fleas. For more help, call a professional such as Affordable Pest Control Inc.

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