Tips For Tackling Two Common Pest Infestations In Your Air Conditioning Condenser

As the winter temperatures give way to thawing for the spring, it's a popular time for insects and other pests to emerge from their winter hideaways. When those pests start looking for a new home, your air conditioning condenser is vulnerable. Since it isn't typically running in the early spring, it serves as a great shelter and residence for them to start nesting in. Here are some tips to help you deal with a few of the most common critters that are likely to make your air conditioner home.

Keeping Wasps Away

When the weather starts to warm up, take proactive steps to keep wasps from nesting in and around your air conditioner. A water trap is a great place to start. You can buy a water trap from most any commercial retailer. Fill it with a sugar water solution or diluted sweetened jam. When the wasps fly in to get the bait, they'll get trapped because they cannot fly back out. You'll just have to empty the container and replace the sugar water regularly so that it doesn't get too full.

In addition to catching wasps around your home with water traps, you can discourage them from nesting altogether. Invest in a few wasp nest decoys to hang around the outside of your house, particularly around the area where the air conditioning compressor is installed. They are effective, because wasps won't nest anywhere near an existing nest.

If wasps have already nested in your air conditioner, it's important that you call a bee removal specialist like ASAP Bee Removal to eliminate the nest. Having a professional do the job will ensure that the bees or wasps are removed and your family is safely out of the way.

Discouraging Ant Nesting

The electrical pulses in the air conditioning unit can draw ants inside and encourage them to nest. You can keep ants away from your air conditioning condenser by planting things like mint around the condenser. Mint discourages ants because they are repulsed by the smell. If they're already nesting, though, you'll need to actively eliminate them.

To get rid of an existing ant colony, you can use a boric acid mixture as a bait. Combine a little bit of honey or corn syrup with a teaspoon or so of boric acid. Warm the solution until the boric acid completely dissolves. Allow it to cool as much as possible, then use a measuring spoon or dropper to fill small caps with the solution. Put those bait caps around the air conditioner's perimeter, and ants will begin to gather the poison and bring it back into their colony, killing many ants at once. Replace the mixture whenever the caps seem empty, just until the ants are completely gone.

The information presented here will help you keep your air conditioner free of two common pest infestations. If you have other concerns about pests in your air conditioner, talk with a local pest control specialist who can help.

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