Selling Your Home With Termite Damage

In the US, 600,000 homes are damaged by termites each year. This problem is expensive, costing $5 billion annually for damage repair and treatment. If your home has been infested with termites, you may find selling it a bit challenging. You can make the process easier by taking a few positive steps.

Termite Inspection

Even if your termite problem was treated a few years back, before you list your home, you need to have a complete, professional inspection. Call in a respected pest control company and have them check for new or lingering infestations. You must be able to show potential buyers that the problem has been eliminated. In addition, purchase the yearly inspection package that most companies offer. Part of your real estate deal may involve rebating money for the buyers to maintain this coverage. 

Structural Repair

Once the termites have been eradicated, you need to have a contractor inspect your home for damage and then have it repaired. After the expense of the termite treatment, you may be tempted to scrimp on repairs, but you need to make the investment so that you can show potential buyers your home is sound again. Also, you could face legal problems with the sale if sellers think you've hidden termite damage. 

As Is

The law does require that you disclose termite damage. If your home has been severely damaged, you might choose not to repair it and sell your home "as is."  Although buyers are often scared off by this type of sale, a few hardy souls are not afraid to buy a house that requires a great deal of work. Of course, selling your home this way probably means you will be accepting a much lower price than if you had repaired your home. However, if you need a quick sale and cannot afford the repairs, an "as is" deal might make sense. 

Termites are actually beneficial to the environment. They aerate the soil and break down plant fibers, helping them decompose. Unfortunately, these insects wreak havoc on houses and must be eliminated from your structure. If you are planning to sell your home, you need to aggressively handle the problem before you list your property. You can find buyers for a home with a history of termites, but you must be honest about the situation and any damage that occurred. You may have to lower your asking price a bit, but you can still get a fair deal. For assistance, talk to a termite control professional like

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